MLB Fashion Police


Chris Sale, 2011 (photo by Keith Allison on Flickr)

I get you, Chris Sale.

Let’s be honest – who amongst us hasn’t, on occasion, felt like slashing their restrictive suit and tie or smashing their uncomfortable high heels with a sledge hammer? As someone who grew up going to Catholic school and having to wear a uniform (complete with navy blue knee socks and saddle shoes), I, too, have experienced the pain of ugly and uncomfortable uniforms. So, while most sports commentators faulted Chris Sale, I wondered if maybe there was more to the story than we were being told. Regardless, maybe it was just time for someone to stand up to the uniform madness that has been sweeping the country for quite some time. What baseball really needs is some fashion police.

For the record, several writers and media sites have counted down the ugliest uniforms, bolstering my sympathy for the players who must wear them. Here are just a few:

Some of the above articles are a few years old, but it just goes to show that our fascination with ugly uniforms goes back quite a way. Digging deeper into the issue, I found that ugly uniforms are nothing new. However, I do believe they are on the rise. There seem to be more and more uniform variations every year.


Current uniforms of the Chicago White Sox (source: Wikipedia)

Calling Sale a “fashion martyr,” stated that “He found the jerseys uncomfortable and accused the club of valuing marketing gimmicks over victories.” Has anyone ever stopped to think that as MLB has moved toward marketing schemes and attention-grabbing devices to sell more tickets and merchandise, maybe they forgot to ask the players how they felt about the many variations of uniforms? Perhaps it’s time to put a stop to the madness.

Maybe the minor leagues are to blame. After all, they’ve come up with some uniforms that are quite interesting. If I were the Commissioner of Baseball, I think I’d abandon attempts to do things like shorten the game and focus instead on banning scissors from all clubhouses – at least as an interim measure until we can cut back on ugly uniforms.

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More from the Padres HoF

Here are some more images from the San Diego Padres’ Hall of Fame museum, which opened on July 1, 2016. Enjoy! ~ baseballrebecca

Padres Hall of Fame

DSCN2345The San Diego Padres unveiled their new Hall of Fame museum at the Petco Park on July 1. Fortuitously, I just so happened to be there on July 2.The space provides a nice overview of Padres history as well as the history of baseball in San Diego.

The Padres’ Hall of Fame dates back to 1999, when it was created to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the team. Now it has a physical location as well. The following players, managers, owners, and announcers, have been elected to San Diego’s HoF:

  • Randy Jones (Padres pitcher 1973-80)
  • Nate Colbert (1B, 1969-74)
  • Ray Kroc (Owner, 1974-84)
  • Dave Winfield (OF, 1973-80)
  • Buzzie Bavasi (President, 1969-77)DSCN2346
  • Jerry Coleman (Announcer/Manager, 1972-2013)
  • Tony Gwynn (OF, 1982-2001)
  • Dick Williams (Manager, 1982-85)
  • Trevor Hoffman (P, 1994-2008)
  • Benito Santiago (C, 1986-92)
  • Garry Templeton (SS, 1982-99)
  • Ted Williams (OF, PCL Padres, 1936-37)
  • Ken Caminiti (3B, 1995-98)

The courtyard just outside the Hall of Fame features 16 replicas of the National Baseball Hall of Fame plaques of Hall of Famers associated with San Diego – those who either played for or coached the the minor- or major league San Diego Padres, including:  Ted Williams, Willie McCovey, Rollie Ringers, Larry Doby, Sparky Anderson, Tony Perez, Ozzie Smith, and Ricky Henderson. Mike Piazza will be added after his formal indication into Cooperstown. In front of the wall are pedestals with the Hall of DSCN2343Fame plaques of Dave Winfield and Tony Gwynn, who are the only two players inducted into the National Baseball Hall Fame as San Diego Padres.

In case you were wondering, minor league baseball was played in San Diego from 1936 up until the MLB Padres were born in 1969. The team, known as the San Diego Padres, was a member of the Pacific Coast League and was affiliated with the Boston Red Sox (in 1936), Cleveland Indians (1949-51, 1957-59), Chicago White Sox (1960-61), Cincinnati Reds (1962-65), and Philadelphia Phillies (1966-1969) over the years.

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Bobblehead Instructions


I need a pinch hitter for Lucas Giolito Bobblehead Night at the Potomac Nationals, since I’ll be out of town. So, I’ve enlisted the help of my cousin. I figure if I prepare him early, he’ll be ready to come off the bench and get me the coveted bobble. Besides, he has been on several bobblehead and gnome missions before. He’s ready to go out on his own. I’m sure he’ll hit a home run.

Naturally, he needs to know the important details of how to get in the special Season Ticket holder line in order to be one of the lucky 1,500 to get the Giolito Bobble. At the beginning of the season, I purchased the special ticket pack so that I would have the ability to get into the stadium early, potentially ensuring my success at obtaining the elusive P-Nats bobbleheads. He needs to know exactly where to stand and exactly when to get there. The details of the operation are critical. It must be executed according to plan. Nothing can go wrong. We know what happens when things go wrong.

Unfortunately, I did not realize how complicated it sounded until it put it in text message form:

Text #1: You need to get there early. Like 45 min to an hour before. Take someone who can stand outside in the sun that long.

Text #2: The game is at 6:35. Gates open at 5:05. You’ll have my passes to get in 15 min early – so that’s 4:50. Need to be in line by maybe 4:15 at the latest.

Text #3: Unless it’s a double header, because of a rainout or something. Then the timeline will change.

Text #4: Have cold water handy when you stand in line. The line forms on the right hand side of that baseball field in front of the stadium – so take the second path, not the one that leads straight to the gate. Maybe I need to send a map so that makes sense.

               Response: Ok. I will need instructions based on double header or not.

 Text #5: LOL. Yeah. I’ll make a map.

Yeah. I’m not sure I’d understand those directions even with the map. It’s not that I doubt my cousin’s abilities. I doubt my ability to write decent instructions.

Giolito bobblehead night isn’t until August 6. We’ll have time to prepare. Maybe we can do a dry run. Hopefully, all will go as planned.

~ baseballrebecca

No games scheduled on this date??


Generally, I dread the All-Star Break. Annually, the day after the All-Star Game is a sad day, because there are no MLB games scheduled. But this year, the day after the day after the All-Star Game is also a day without Major League Baseball.

What are we supposed to do?

We have come to expect baseball to be a part of our daily existence from April through September, with that one day off. Usually at least one Major League team has a game the Thursday after the All-Star Game. But this year, we get nothing.

What cruel human beings are they to deprive us of baseball for two days in a row?

Thankfully, Minor League Baseball is there to fill the void. And I am one of the lucky ones because my hometown team, the Bowie Baysox, are in town tonight! In fact, 96 minor league games will be played today, including the Cedar Rapids Kernals v. the Lake County Captains, beginning at 11 am (Eastern). Several evening games will even be on MiLB.TV, if you subscribe. But even if you don’t have access to MiLB.TV, many teams provide audio links to their radio broadcasts on their websites, and you can always watch the graphic representation of the games on the teams’ Gameday pages. I’ve posted today’s MiLB schedule below, or you can go to the MiLB website for more info.

Crisis averted.

~ baseballrebecca

League Away Home Time (ET) MiLB.TV
MID Cedar Rapids Lake County 11:00 AM
FSL Clearwater Palm Beach 12:00 PM
GCL GCL Blue Jays GCL Phillies 12:00 PM
GCL GCL Cardinals GCL Marlins 12:00 PM
GCL GCL Nationals GCL Mets 12:00 PM
GCL GCL Pirates GCL Yankees East 12:00 PM
GCL GCL Rays GCL Red Sox 12:00 PM
GCL GCL Tigers East GCL Braves 12:00 PM
GCL GCL Twins GCL Orioles 12:00 PM
GCL GCL Yankees West GCL Tigers West 12:00 PM
FSL Bradenton Dunedin 6:30 PM
FSL Daytona St. Lucie 6:30 PM
INT Durham Syracuse 6:35 PM YES
EAS Hartford Binghamton 6:35 PM YES
FSL Jupiter Brevard County 6:35 PM
FSL Lakeland Charlotte 6:35 PM
MID Beloit Dayton 7:00 PM YES
APP Bristol Kingsport 7:00 PM
NYP Connecticut Tri-City 7:00 PM
APP Elizabethton Danville 7:00 PM
FSL Fort Myers Tampa 7:00 PM
EAS Harrisburg Altoona 7:00 PM YES
NYP Hudson Valley Staten Island 7:00 PM YES
APP Johnson City Burlington 7:00 PM
SAL Lakewood Hickory 7:00 PM
NYP Lowell Brooklyn 7:00 PM
CAR Lynchburg Carolina 7:00 PM YES
EAS New Hampshire Portland 7:00 PM YES
CAR Potomac Winston-Salem 7:00 PM YES
APP Pulaski Greeneville 7:00 PM
EAS Reading Trenton 7:00 PM YES
NYP Aberdeen Batavia 7:05 PM
SAL Asheville Hagerstown 7:05 PM
NYP Auburn West Virginia 7:05 PM
SAL Augusta West Virginia 7:05 PM
INT Buffalo Lehigh Valley 7:05 PM YES
INT Charlotte Pawtucket 7:05 PM YES
INT Columbus Toledo 7:05 PM YES
SAL Delmarva Columbia 7:05 PM YES
EAS Erie Akron 7:05 PM YES
CAR Frederick Myrtle Beach 7:05 PM YES
SAL Greensboro Greenville 7:05 PM YES
INT Indianapolis Louisville 7:05 PM YES
SAL Lexington Kannapolis 7:05 PM
NYP Mahoning Valley State College 7:05 PM YES
INT Norfolk Rochester 7:05 PM YES
SOU Pensacola Jacksonville 7:05 PM YES
APP Princeton Bluefield 7:05 PM
MID Quad Cities Fort Wayne 7:05 PM
EAS Richmond Bowie 7:05 PM
SAL Rome Charleston 7:05 PM YES
INT Scranton/WB Gwinnett 7:05 PM YES
NYP Williamsport Vermont 7:05 PM
CAR Wilmington Salem 7:05 PM
SOU Mobile Chattanooga 7:15 PM
MID Great Lakes Burlington 7:30 PM
MID South Bend Clinton 7:30 PM
MID West Michigan Kane County 7:30 PM YES
MID Wisconsin Bowling Green 7:35 PM
AZL AZL White Sox AZL Indians 8:00 PM
AZL AZL White Sox AZL Indians Game 2
PCL Fresno New Orleans 8:00 PM YES
SOU Jackson Mississippi 8:00 PM YES
MID Lansing Peoria 8:00 PM
TEX Frisco Corpus Christi 8:05 PM YES
TEX Midland San Antonio 8:05 PM YES
PCL Sacramento Round Rock 8:05 PM YES
PCL Salt Lake Omaha 8:05 PM YES
CAL San Jose Lancaster 8:05 PM
CAL San Jose Lancaster Game 2 YES
TEX Springfield NW Arkansas 8:05 PM YES
SOU Tennessee Montgomery 8:05 PM YES
PCL Las Vegas Iowa 8:08 PM YES
SOU Birmingham Biloxi 8:10 PM YES
TEX Tulsa Arkansas 8:10 PM YES
PIO Missoula Ogden 9:00 PM
PIO Orem Great Falls 9:00 PM
PIO Grand Junction Billings 9:05 PM
PCL Memphis Albuquerque 9:05 PM YES
PCL Nashville El Paso 9:05 PM YES
PIO Helena Idaho Falls 9:15 PM YES
NWL Vancouver Boise 9:15 PM
NWL Salem-Keizer Spokane 9:30 PM
AZL AZL Athletics AZL Giants 10:00 PM
AZL AZL Dodgers AZL Reds 10:00 PM
AZL AZL Mariners AZL Padres 10:00 PM
AZL AZL Rangers AZL D-backs 10:00 PM
AZL AZL Royals AZL Cubs 10:00 PM
CAL Visalia Lake Elsinore 10:00 PM
PCL Col. Springs Tacoma 10:05 PM YES
NWL Everett Hillsboro 10:05 PM YES
CAL Inland Empire Rancho Cucamonga 10:05 PM
PCL Okla. City Reno 10:05 PM YES
CAL High Desert Stockton 10:10 PM
NWL Eugene Tri-City 10:15 PM
CAL Modesto Bakersfield 10:45 PM


Happy Independence Day!

Just a few scenes from the Fourth of July, last year, with the Bowie Baysox!


~ baseballrebecca


Dusty on the West Coast

Here’s a classic Dusty Baker statement, as reported by the Washington Post yesterday:


Happy Friday!

~ baseballrebecca


More scenes from around baseball:


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Rest in Peace, Ali

Just a few more MLB and MiLB tweets and Instagram posts honoring Muhammad Ali…

The New York Yankees honor Muhammad Ali during a pregame moment of silence before game today.

A photo posted by Baseball Tonight (@baseballtonight) on

Fighting Solves Nothing (especially when you miss)

The Kansas City Royals and the Baltimore Orioles got into a fight on Tuesday. Of course, many folks have offered their two-cents on the topic. For example, the Sporting News stated Manny Machado was wrong for charging the mound while the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has tired of Yordano Ventura’s antics. ESPN noted that this can be a positive turning point for the Orioles, and NBC Sports just mused that it was all in tribute to Muhammad Ali (though see my take on that below). Adam Jones, of course, felt Machado was more than justified in his actions.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Cubs’ Joe Maddon and Anthony Rizzo apparently loved the whole thing.

I’ll let you judge for yourself (just don’t let that little skip of Manny’s as he heads to the pitcher’s mound cloud your opinion):

I was watching the game, but I’ll decline to take sides (Manny Machado doll on my dresser notwithstanding). Actually, I think they both should be ashamed of themselves. After all, the photographic evidence is quite telling – clearly neither Machado nor Ventura know how to fight. The still photos of their punches clearly show them each missing the mark:

Yordano Ventura and Manny Machado get into it after Ventura threw at Machado.

A photo posted by Baseball Tonight (@baseballtonight) on

~ baseballrebecca

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